Dear Customer,
Thank you for choosing KUMA, the innovative and revolutionary Modular Light System.

We are convinced you will love our modular system. Although it should be easy to figure out, please pay attention to this manual to maximize your KUMA experience right from the start. 


Co-founders and designers: Billy, Chrétien, Jeff and David

———-You can download the manual from here ———-

English version

Versión en Español

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———-It only takes 4 steps to set up your KUMA system———-

  1. Unpack your 8 KUMA elements Base, Long tube, Short tube, Rotator, ConnectorLight, EndLight, USB Cable and AC-DC Adapter plug.
  2. Build KUM(classic or basic set-up)  Take the Base and connect the Long tube to the Base by pressing the male
    connector part of the Long tube into the female connector of the Base. Then connect the ConnectorLight to the Long tube and follow the same steps connecting sequentially the Rotator, ShortTube and EndLight. Now you should have a structure as the one pictured on Page 4 of the complete file which can be downloaded on the top of this page.
  3. Charge KUMYour KUMsystem is equipped with a powerful Li-ion battery, built into the Base. Before first use, it is recommended to fully charge the battery. [After this, there is no need to ‘empty’ the battery to recharge; simply recharge when needed, although we recommend to use KUMsometimes with only the battery power for a better lifespan of the battery]. Connect the Base to a power outlet, using the included USB cable and AC-DC Charger plug. You will see that the LED indicators in the soft-touch button on the Base will start blinking. The green leds indicate battery charge.
    The battery burning time depends on the intensity of the setting, as well as on how many lights are connected to your KUMA system. You can always assess how much battery usage is left by looking at the LED indicator.
  4. Activate KUMA Press the soft touch button on the Base once and KUMwill turn on. By pressing a second time, the light intensity will increase up to five clicks or light intensity options. Choose the light setting you prefer. You can choose the perfect illumination angle by either rotating the ConnectorLight, EndLight, Rotator or one of the Tubes.To turn Off KUMA, press the soft touch button for one second and the light will turn off. To switch it on again, press again and KUMwill switch On to the last used setting.



  1. KUMA can be powered or re-charged by an external battery or powerbank. Just connect the Base to your favorite powersource
  2. KUMA can charge most mobile or portable devices
  3. KUMA can be operated as a ceiling or wall lamp. Turn the Base and feel with your finger for the cut-out hole beneath the protection. Cut the hole out with a sharp cutter and hang your KUMA onto the desired spot.
  4. KUMA set up can be uniquely modified by simply changing or adding the sequence of the elements. You can create your own structure, function or illumination needs.
  5. KUMA is not a simple desk lamp. Thanks to its revolutionary modular style and linkage system, you can convert KUMA to a wall light, ceiling light, floor lamp, industrial light,laboratory lamp, portable light, garden light, restaurant table light, corporate light, portable battery or power bank. The limit is your imagination.
  6. KUMA can be extended by purchasing and integrating additional elements, other colors and new functionalities. Visit our website at for new features.


KUMA is a scientifically studied design manufactured with high quality products, using the finest and best materials.

KUMA is protected by international patents laws. KUMAs limited warranty policy, warrants its products to be free from defects in materials.

KUMA will repair or replace, at its discretion, any product or part found to be defective under normal use and service. Such repair or replacement shall be the purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy. This warranty does not include normal maintenance and service, and does not apply to any product or part subject to modification, misuse, negligence, accident, improper maintenance or repair by anyone other than KUMA.

This limited warranty runs for a maximum of 2 years from the date of your registration through our website www, Battery warranty is for six months. Registration should be completed here – Product Registration– within 14 natural days after the original purchase. Shipment is not included under warranty.

In the event repair is not possible, KUMA will replace it with either the same model or one of similar features and price. KUMA shall and will not be held responsible or liable for incidental,consequential, or special damages arising out of, or in connection with, product, use or performance.