What is KUMA?

KUMA is a creation of BiiWheel Holding S.L. from Barcelona, Spain. BiiWheel has a long history in the development and manufacturing of high end portable light solutions for sports in 12 countries.

KUMA has been in the making for two years. We play with the trend of multi function module systems in the light design industry. The base, or heart, of KUMA is a series of patented connections. Each component is like a building block and allows you to design and develop your own unique creations.

KUMA is a revolutionary modular light system. Its design is contemporary, elegant, and modern yet adaptable. It is extremely easy to set up.  Every day use can vary from a plugged source in the case of a desk light, corner light or reading light. Plus take advantage of the li-poly battery base plug free portability for use as a garden light, terrace light and even for camping.  Hospitals, restaurantes and hotels are also clients where precision focal points are important. 

You can create your own design and ‘build’ the light that you need by buying additional accessories, connectors or colors.

KUMA is available in four colors: Metal Grey, Apple Red, Gold and Rose. New colors will be introduced in 2018.

The KUMA series will be enhanced with additional accessories that will convert your KUMA into a multi functional system. Stay tuned as we launch components adaptable to this system. On our short list we are earmarking loudspeakers, cameras, anti mosquito devices, wireless chargers and air purifiers. There will also be a wireless communication module based on wifi, infrared or bluetooth protocol driven by an application which will increase your KUMA experience.

KUMA is sold in a complete set and comes in an elegant protective zippered pouch.

Each set consists of: Base (with USB and Micro USB connection, Li-poly battery), Long Connector Tube (16 cm), Short Connector Tube (10 cm), Rotator, Connector Light (120º angle), End Light (120º angle), USB-Micro usb Charging cable and Charging plug.

Each KUMA connection can turn 360º so you can generate unique lighting effects. With just 3 lights you will be able to illuminate a complete room.

KUMA works with a cable (included) or wireless thanks to the incorporated battery (included) or with an external power source, such as a powerbank (not included). Extra bonus points,  the KUMA base can be used as a charging station for your mobile devices.


  • Wall LightTake advantage of the design on the bottom of the base and mount KUMA on walls. This is a cost effective solution for trade shows, shop windows or any temporary situation.
  • Ceiling Light: Using the cut out on the bottom of the base, you can hook your KUMA to the ceiling. Use in any case where the installation of wire is costly or complex.
  • Corner Light: The Rotator, in conjunction with the ingenious individual turning feature of the Connector or End Light, will make the perfect Corner light for indirectillumination.
  • Desk lamp: The most popular KUMA application would be the desk lamp. Ideal for students (perfect angle, color temperature -4000K- module). Charge your phone or tablet using the usb port on the base! Restaurant owners, take advantage of the sleek design while adding to the ambiance. The different settings will make menu reading a breeze. And after you made your selection, turn it down again for a romantic continuation of your meal. In the near future KUMA will be enhanced by additional components and accessories. Imagine using one source ,KUMA, to listen to your favorite music, repel mosquitos and purify air.
  • Shop window: Shop owners can profit hugely from KUMA. There is no need anymore to install cables in difficult to reach locations. As an extra bonus, the battery operated KUMA will greatly reduce the electricity bill. Charge KUMA during the day for a whole night full of illumination. 
  • Outdoors: KUMA‘s connections incorporate various o rings and make them weatherproof. So no worries when it rains a bit, KUMA will keep on shining. Also, the soon to be ready additional accessories such as a mosquito repellent device or loudspeaker, make KUMA your ideal companion while camping, in your garden or terrace at home. KUMA is easy to pack and easy to transport.
  • Laboratories: The ideal light temperature of 4000K together with the modularity and the 360º option make KUMA your go to laboratory lamp. Use as a plugged source or as a reliable wireless source when there is an electrical outlet. Your KUMA will still be shining.
  • Hospital: KUMA works. No more worries for power cuts or glitches.
  • Corporate – Education: KUMA is elegant but functional. Use it to study or to work. KUMA makes a perfect gift. We can personalize KUMA for you in your corporate or college colors, and even laser print a personal message onto the BASE.

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If you are a company, please send us an email to info@kumalight.com